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VisoPro offers VR-Simulation so you as a customer can get a peek at how a project will look in it's finished stage.

Only working with 3D models and technical drawings can make it hard to imagine the physical size of a project. 

To be able to visualize the project in it's development phase does not only give a sense of security for you, contractors and employed but is also an intuitive way to visualize, plan and make changes in the project.

Compliment with VR.

A new project can be easy to imagine for the project leader. But to convey that vision to others can be a bit harder.
We get a good understanding of how the project will look when we draw in CAD-software, but you're missing out on alot. 

This is Varvsbron in Helsingborg. On a screen it's impossible to grasp exactly how big it is. how high the pylons are, how wide the walkpath is and how wide the benches feel when you stand next to them.

Visualize the project before it's built.

With the help of VR you can get an idea of all this.

With the support for VR in our CAD-Program you can immerse yourself and explore CAD-models, 3D-scanned pointclouds or a combination of the two in a 1:1 scale.

A new assembly line in a pre-existing building? With VR you can see how the finished project will look in as early as the planning phase. 

Scandata + 3D Models

Using VR-Simulation we can take our scandata and implement 3D models in a world you can explore.

By creating a digital twin of an environment containing everything from pipe layouts and simple 3D models to fully functional production lines to get a better understanding aswell as save time, manhours and money on the project.

Virtual Montage

Ensure that the installation is correct even before production of the parts has started with a problem free solution for montage..

We can simulate a montage in VR to optimize the process which allows us to in early as the drawingphase ensure that everything can be assembled on site with ease.

This makes it possble to prefab alot of the components.


We have the possibility to explore all our projects in VR as CATIA has VR-functions integrated. This means that we don't need to put in extra work to provide a VR ready world. This also enables the posibility to update models live while you're in VR.

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