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Virtual Montage.


When purchasing larger industrial machines to be installed or integrated with existing machines / processes, 3D scanning is a powerful alternative. We offer to 3D scan your affected installation area at your factory, and verify that the ordered object fits in the existing space in the digital twin of your factory.

We also have the option to delete existing objects in the 3D point cloud and then place the new object in the place of the original deleted object. To verify installations.

We offer you to experience the new design positioned in your digital factory at the VisoPro office's VR lab.


We also offer to apply parametric models of scaffolding that are positioned during the different stages of construction. We place these scaffolding directly in the digital twin of the workplace. All for a safer construction site.


For larger projects in infrastructure or for industrial constructions, we offer to create a digital twin of the workplace. By 3D-scanning the area, you get access to a 3D model of the workplace that can be positioned according to the world coordinates.

VisoPro simulates lifting positions for cranes at different stages in the assembly of building elements. By planning the entire assembly in a simulation, in consultation with the contractor, large costs can be saved on time that is not used. The simulation is saved as a video that can then be used during meetings with stakeholders in the project.

By placing the 3D model of the selected crane in the 3D scan data of the work area, correct lifting sequences can be verified. The choice of size of crane, which is not always a matter of course, can also be controlled by the digital twin of the workplace.

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