Piping layout solutions

We design new pipelines in factories using 3D scan data.

In older existing factories, it is common for the documentation on pipelines in the drawings not to be updated. Often, new pipelines will also pass existing geometry in the industry. This is usually a time-consuming process with a high margin of error in manual measurements. With the help of 3D scan data, we perform our design work in CATIA virtually on site in the digital twin of your factory. This results in an efficient workflow with millimeter precision.

We have a 3D piping module in our CAD software CATIA to streamline the design process. In this module, we have included all standard models for pipe sections to make it easier to 3D model the intended piping.

With the help of the 3D scan data, we can package the piping construction in suitable sizes and prefabricate all pipe sections so that the installation can take place as quickly as possible.