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We deliver the following documentation:

3D point cloud with associated viewer application

Placement of new objects in 3D point clouds

We produce 3D models from scan data

2D-Layout from 3D-Scandata


We deliver the following documentation:

Layouts with millimeter precision.

Export to DWG with detailed layout plans

We produce 3D models from scan data

Physical drawings from 3D-scandata

Documentation for a buildings layout


Laser measurement tools and tape measures use to be the best way to collect data for generating layouts. The develepment of reality captures eliminate the problems the traditional ways of measuring creates. We use 3D-scandata to measure the building, bring it into the CAD-software that fits best for the specific job and generate a detailed layout with high precision.


We can deliver a 3D model containing walls, floors, doors, windows, basic fixtures, structural elements, ceiling heights and the terrain topography around the structure.

3D-scandata to 2D-drawing on pre-existing building layout

File formats we use:

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